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Runner; Chef; Trancer; Traveler; Technologist; Agile evangelist. I'm a firm believer in that which you measure will surely improve. Currently I am working on how to test drive and scale a node.js application in the cloud.

Behavior Driven Development for node.js

On Tuesday night, the San Francisco Server Side JavaScripters had an excellent meetup hosted by the folks at CBS Interactive. I gave a short talk on using zombie.js with jasmine-node to test drive your node.js application under automation. Here is … Continue reading

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Deploying node.js on Amazon EC2

After nearly a month of beating my head against the wall that is hosted node.js stacks — with their fake beta invites and non-existent support — I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. Amazon Web … Continue reading

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Crank Your Specs

One of the downsides to test driven development (TDD) on a large project is that over time your suite of tests will ultimately slow down. Whether it’s stale code, bloated tests, or just an increasing number of features to support, … Continue reading

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Browser session cookies and Dalli

A while back one of our clients requested that Rails sessions be stored in session cookies (i.e. a cookie that will expire when the browser is closed). This was for security reasons so your cookie couldn’t be read off the … Continue reading

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