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Sweeter Javascript: Defining Properties to Add Syntactic Sugar

Syntatic sugar makes for more human-readable code and, if done correctly, provides for more flexibility. In the world of Node many turn to Coffeescript to add that “sweetness”, but you can also achieve it with plain old Javascript.

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Introducing Tinderbox

Check out our new meetup Tinderbox. We created Tinderbox because we wanted a forum about creating products using software (and sometimes custom hardware). Tinderbox is technology agnostic because we all use a variety of tech to build things. At Carbon … Continue reading

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Test-Driven C with Ceedling

Recently, an Arduino project forced me to brush up on my C. Like many programmers of my generation, C was my first programming language; but it has been a while since I wrote anything in it. After a quick K&R … Continue reading

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Enumerator: Ruby’s Versatile Iterator

The classic iterator pattern describes a way of accessing the elements of an aggregate object without exposing its implementation. This pattern comes in two flavors: external and internal. An external iterator is controlled by the client, while an internal iterator … Continue reading

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Structural Typing: Compile Time Duck Typing

Google’s Go programming language, a statically typed compiled language, has been called a modern, better C. It builds on C by adding features such as garbage collection, concurrency constructs, and user-defined class-like types. One missing feature is classical object-oriented inheritance. … Continue reading

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Better Cohesion with the Type Class Pattern

Encapsulation is often called the core of object-oriented programming. Data is bundled with the functions that operate on that data. However, too much behavior can lead to monolithic, incohesive classes. The type class pattern preserves a class’s core behavior but … Continue reading

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Partial Function Application in Haskell

Partial function application refers to calling a multiple parameter function with less than its total number of parameters. This results in a new function taking the remaining number of parameters. Simple functions created from partial function application are very useful … Continue reading

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Help send Carbon Five to SxSW

The South by Southwest Interactive festival (SxSW) in Austin, TX is a great opportunity for our community to meet and mingle at sessions and social events. Carbon Five has two great proposals this year and we’d like a chance to … Continue reading

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RailsBridge Workshop for Women at CarbonFive LA

The inaugural Los Angeles area RailsBridge Workshop for Women took place this past weekend at the CarbonFive Santa Monica office, thanks to Tiffany Davis (@tldavis801) from the Los Angeles Women’s Ruby on Rails Group. Tiffany wanted to start a franchise … Continue reading

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Cross-Domain Browser Window Messaging with HTML5 and Javascript

We’ve previously covered how JSONP and CORS allow thick-client web applications to circumvent the same origin policy preventing requests to servers in different domains. However, cross-domain interaction is also blocked on the client-side; browser windows loaded with different sites have … Continue reading

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