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Supporting Cross-Domain AJAX in Rails using JSONP and CORS

The recent rise in popularity of client-side JavaScript MVC frameworks has led to a revival of web apps with thick clients. As more logic is moved to the client-side, the need to communicate with servers in different domains becomes more … Continue reading

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Beginning Outside-In Rails Development with Cucumber and RSpec

The RSpec Book defines outside-in Rails development as starting with views and working your way in toward the models. By developing from the outside in, you are always taking a client perspective at each layer of the application. The end … Continue reading

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Does My Rails App Need a Service Layer?

Sometimes during domain modeling you come across something that isn’t a thing. These operations that don’t quite belong to an object are called services. Services often live in a separate, service layer. The service layer lies between controllers and models, … Continue reading

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Exploring Client-side MVC with Backbone.js

Backbone.js continues to gain popularity in the JavaScript MVC community. I decided to give it a try by creating a simple, single-page app to CRUD a single domain model. While it wasn’t as trivial as a traditional server-side implementation in … Continue reading

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Modern Cucumber and Rails: No More Training Wheels

Last month, cucumber-rails 1.1 was released. This release removed web_steps.rb, a collection of step definitions for interacting with a web app. For months, web_steps.rb contained a warning of its negative effects on feature maintenance. Like most developers, I ignored the … Continue reading

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Valium extracts Model attributes without instantiating ActiveRecord objects

I was recently on a project that captures and logs data as ActiveRecord models.  Each datum had 10 or so numeric attributes.  One story required pulling out all the values for a particular attribute in a time range (i.e. all … Continue reading

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Designing mobile APIs – basic behaviors

As Rails developers we design APIs on a regular basis: routes for browsers to interact with a web app, JSON apis and routes for client side javascript to build dynamic pages, payloads queued for background processing on a server, and … Continue reading

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Generating documentation from specs

On one of our rails projects I am creating an api to allow mobile clients to access a web service. I need to provide documentation of this API to the developers of several different clients during its development. Normally I … Continue reading

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Rails 3 Upgrade Tip: Invalidate Session Cookies

I recently finished working with Kathryn Aaker on upgrading Eggs, her farm CSA management software, to Rails 3. While there is a lot of good information out there on upgrading from Rails 2 to 3, we did run in to … Continue reading

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Speedy Test Iterations for Rails 3 with Spork and Guard

Overview TDD is fun, right? Rails enthusiasts and agile evangelists alike agree. Waiting for your tests to run, however, makes for a frustrating experience. When the time between test iterations is magnified by bloated tests it can be hard to … Continue reading

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