Come geek out with us this Thursday!

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Thursday we’re opening the doors to the San Francisco office and hosting a casual gathering for our fellow geeks. Want to see what other developers are working on or who’s using the latest and greatest gem/practice/database/etc? Do you have a side project or open source framework that you’re contributing to (or just using) that you want to show off, lightning-talk style? Do you want to see what success others are having with agile development? Want to learn how to make a wicked macchiato on our Italian espresso machine? It’s all fair game!

We’ll have a room with a projector dedicated to lightning talks and the rest of the space will be free for mingling and socializing. There will be beer and food. Doors open at 5:30 and we’ll stick around until 7ish; if people are still hanging out we’ll migrate elsewhere for more drinks. Carbon Five is located at 171 2nd Street Floor 4 (map), above the Tempura House.

Lightning talk topics on the docket thusfar:

  • Alon will demo C5 Story Mapper
  • Corey will discuss http-pulse, a node.js application for monitoring http
  • Alex will discuss Wrong – a minimal assertion library for Ruby
  • Christian discusses the outcome of a recent MongoDB development spike
  • Jon discusses the Mission Artists United website
  • Jonah will discuss an iPhone widget he built over the weekend at the iphone deve camp

Please RSVP below if you’re coming.

See you Thursday!