Carbon Five Roll Call: Brandy Davis-Balsamo, Managing Director

By Carbon Five

Carbon Five Roll Call is a new blog series introducing you to your next team of product managers, designers and software engineers. Learn more about us and how we can help support your next project. Meet Brandy! 

Name: Brandy Davis-Balsamo

Title: Managing Director

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

Carbon Five Office: New York City

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Tell us a little bit about your background and area of expertise.

I have a bit of an unusual background, which is what I think every seasoned product manager says. Product Management wasn’t a well established discipline 10 years ago; now there are whole programs for it.

In my view, Product Management is really about value expressed through technology. I’ve always been interested in value creation. As a little kid, I remembered watching my grandfather build a successful business, one motorcycle dealership at a time. In that same vein, I love helping our clients figure out how to use technology as a strategic advantage and to develop a product through process.

It’s only natural that I studied business, and in my first job out of undergrad, I advocated to automate workflows before I knew what product was. I later ended up in San Francisco and did an MBA program that focused on innovation and design strategy which is where my product career took root.

Now, as Managing Director of Carbon Five’s New York office, I get to scale my skillset across projects, teams, and offices. It’s rewarding to see the growth we’ve had in this market, in such a short timeframe and with the nimblest of teams.

A few clients you’ve worked with include:

Attune Insurance, Compass, The Ad Council, Cordium, Sesh Therapy

What’s the coolest thing about Carbon Five?

Hands down, the people. Carbon Five is the most human tech company I have ever met. The people are smart, collaborative, low ego, and high EQ. There is a saying that goes the hardest thing about technology is people and I feel like Carbon Five has an unfair advantage in overcoming those challenges.

Share one MUST DO recommendation.

Stretch yourself as often as you can. You will learn more by staying curious, even when it’s uncomfortable.

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