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Carbon Five Roll Call: Dan DeCoste, Business Development Lead

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Carbon Five Roll Call is a new blog series introducing you to your next team of product managers, designers and software engineers. Learn more about us and how we can help support your next project. First up, meet Dan! 

Name: Dan DeCoste

Title: Business Development Lead

Hometown: Richmond, KY

Carbon Five Office: New York

Emoji of choice:

Tell us a little bit about your background and area of expertise: 

I’m the Business Development Lead here at Carbon Five. That means I’m responsible for finding new clients where our ICs and processes can have a major positive impact on their software development practices. Before Carbon Five, I led business development at SaaS startups in NYC and Boston. In my past life before tech, I’ve done everything from work for the national accounts team at a large fan manufacturer called Big Ass Fans (really) to slinging coffee and tea as a barista. It’s been a long time since my days behind the espresso machine but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.

A few clients you’ve worked with include:

Carbon Five has given me the opportunity to work with clients ranging from mental health startup founders to international insurance company innovation labs. The variety of businesses where our team and processes can have an impact keeps me excited to see what’s going to come through the (virtual, socially distanced) door next.

What’s the coolest thing about Carbon Five?

All of the offices have very distinct snack and beverage selections. No one has a better coffee setup than SF, LA has a great catered breakfasts, lunches, and beer selection, and NYC has about every flavor of La Croix and Kombucha you could hope for. I’m looking forward to visiting Chattanooga and Seattle to raid their fridges and pantries.

Share one MUST DO recommendation:

The Grateful Dead – just do it. Lots of folks will tell you to start with the studio albums (Workingman’s Dead, American Beauty) before diving into live recordings, and maybe that’s right. Alternatively, I think there are some widely available live shows that are just as accessible. Check out Cornell 5/8/77 or Europe 72 and have some fun.

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