Lunchtime Tech Talk: Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz on Ember.js

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On Wednesday, Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz joined us for a lunchtime tech talk. Tom gave a great overview of ember.js, a new JavaScript MVC born out of the work done on SproutCore 2.0. Here’s the video of the presentation and Q&A that followed:

Happy JS hacking!


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  1. Great introduction to ember.js. After writing several backbone.js apps, I’m excited to give ember.js a try. I really like the fact that ember.js has embraced Rails’ principle of convention over configuration.

  2. thanks for posting this, i am excited about ember data, and perhaps a way to persist out data across reboots in the browser on an iOS or android device, perhaps using something akin to a schemaless sqlite, e.g. a supercookie?

  3. Jesus Christ, somebody punch the balding douchebag shoveling chips in his mouth.

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