World Wide Web Now Carbon Five Compliant

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Yesterday, the W3C unveiled the official HTML5 logo and we at Carbon Five couldn’t help notice a flattering similarity:

Html 5 and Carbon Five logos compared

We can't wait for HTML6

It’s taken more than 10 years, but it’s nice to know the Internet has finally caught up with us. Does this mean we don’t have to support IE8?


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  1. That is INSANE!!!! I can’t believe it!!!

  2. Um… Similar colour, that’s about it. The shape of the badge, the font, and the gradient are all completely different. Both are good logos but don’t try and flatter yourself!

    • Michael Wynholds

      Well, I don’t think either logo uses any fonts, but I agree with what you’re saying. The logos are not identical.

      I think it’s pretty clear if you read the post that we are joking around about this. We’re psyched that the HTML5 logo has similarities to ours.

  3. Ok now that I know you are kidding: nice PR-Gag.

    Srsly, your logo is smart, the HTML5 Logo is lame. I can’t belive someone is paying attention to theri crappy logo

  4. Christian Bradley

    All your logos are belong to us.

  5. I prefer the HTML5 logo, it’s a masterpiece. However, I’ve seen slightly better concepts of the HTML5 logo online.

    Sorry guys at Carbon Five.
    The Carbon Five logo is still an awesome logo, it’s eye-catching and memorable. 🙂

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