Carbon Five Partners with Techstars NYC to Mentor Next Generation Entrepreneurs

Carbon Five ·

We’re excited to announce our 2019 partnership with Techstars NYC today. Since 2017, Carbon Five has run workshops and directly mentored dozens of startups and first time entrepreneurs at the Techstars programs in Atlanta, Seattle and NYC.

Our team will be hosting a workshop for the launch of the 2019 Techstars NYC class. The program will educate new founders on product development and business growth practices. Participants will have the opportunity to interact in a story mapping and story writing workshop. Previous workshops hosted by Carbon Five included product definition techniques and typical pitfalls from a product and technical perspective. Companies joining the 2019 program cohort include Cube, Every Mother, Gablex, Hacware, LOU, Real World Playbook, SmartHop, SquarePlan, Wagmo and Wise.

“New York continues to grow as the choice headquarters for many new founders and tech startups,” said Courtney Hemphill, Partner and Vice President at Carbon Five. “Techstars’ mission to support this community has resonated with us from the start. We’re thrilled to be able to mentor the next generation of East Coast entrepreneurs that are working to solve problems in education, finance, health, social sectors and more.”

“Our continued partnership strengthens our resources and capabilities to support new entrepreneurial journeys in New York,” shared Jenny Fielding, Managing Director at Techstars NYC. “We’re excited to work together with Carbon Five to continue to foster a founder-friendly and inclusive tech community within the city.”

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