Cassandra and Rails talk at LA NoSQL meetup

Michael Wynholds ·

Last week, Mike Wynholds presented at the inaugural Los Angeles No SQL meetup. The movement to these non-traditional data storage systems has exploded in the last year, and we had a chance to use Cassandra in one of our client’s projects. Cassandra is a column based datastore developed within Facebook, and open-sourced as a top-level Apache project. It is being used by its creators as well as Digg, Twitter, Reddit, Rackspace, and many others. For the meetup, our presentation covered what is Cassandra’s structure, how we used it, the challenges we faced, and the lessons learned. You can watch the presentation below, or you can grab the presentation with this PDF, and from its original Keynote file. And feel free to ask questions and leave comments below!

Michael Wynholds
Michael Wynholds

Mike is the President and CEO of Carbon Five.

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