GoGaRuCo 2013

Christian Nelson ·

We are thrilled to be one of the sponsors of the Golden Gate Ruby Conference once again. GoGaRuCo is a great event, balancing technical talks with the meta-topics that are important to all of us. We’re very psyched about what Leah, Josh, Jim, and all of the volunteers and speakers have done. Their work helps make the Ruby Community the awesome place that it is today.

We are proud to be one of the sponsors. For our third year as a sponsor we upped our involvement by running a table and hosting one of the official parties with our friends at Sharethrough: the Hacker + Maker Lounge. Rather than throwing a party at a club where it’s too loud to talk or where the primary activity is drinking, we created an event focused on the other things we’re excited about: learning and creating new things (in addition to good food and drink).


The Hacker + Maker Lounge passport.


The Carbon Five SF office transformed for the evening.


The electronics workshop was full with heads down soldering all night.


The LED badges were a quick way to get your electronics stamp.


Hacker + Maker Lounge co-sponsors Sharethrough had some sweet custom shirts for the event.


Sharethrough ran a tasty wine blending workshop.


Three types of Bordeaux blends were on the menu.


The design workshop ran folks through the Marshmallow Challenge. We had a team with a nearly 30″ spaghetti tower.


Lego derby racing was the highlight of the evening.


The competition got pretty intense.


Lillie had one of the fastest cars of the night.


We might just keep the track around for the next party.


Sharethrough’s vinyl cutting station was also a popular destination.


Vinyl sticker of Scoot & Doodle’s delightful mascots.


The Hacker + Maker lounge was a night we won’t forget!

We asked attendees to make a donation in the amount of their choosing when registering for the event. We raised $1,278 through these donations. Carbon Five is matching those donations dollar for dollar. All told, we’re donating $2,556 to three great organizations: Kids Ruby, Code.org, and the EFF.org. Huge thanks to all of the awesome, generous folks who chipped in and to everyone who came to the party.

Looking forward to next year’s event!

Christian Nelson
Christian Nelson

Christian is a software developer, technical lead and agile coach. He's passionate about helping teams find creative ways to make work fun and productive. He's a partner at Carbon Five and serves as the Director of Engineering in the San Francisco office. When not slinging code or playing agile games, you can find him trekking in the Sierras and playing with his daughters.