Help send Carbon Five to SxSW

Courtney Hemphill ·

The South by Southwest Interactive festival (SxSW) in Austin, TX is a great opportunity for our community to meet and mingle at sessions and social events. Carbon Five has two great proposals this year and we’d like a chance to tell our story. How can you help? First, visit the Panel Picker and register to vote (it’s quick, we promise!) Then search for “Carbon Five,” check out our panels and vote for the ones you’d like to see at South By Southwest. If you want to be extra helpful, please leave a comment and pass the word to your friends via the social media links.

Unicorn Quest: How 3 Teams Blend UX & Dev Skills

User Experience (UX) is a hot topic. It seems that everyone wants to hire people who have skills in UX, visual design and front-end development. Some people call this person a “unicorn.” Do unicorns really exist?

This panel will feature participants from three different companies who build Web and mobile products with small, collaborative teams. Brittany Hunter, (Atomic Object), Courtney Hemphill (Carbon Five) and Jonathan Berger (Pivotal Labs) will share what it takes to work on a team of software generalists jointly responsible for UX, visual design and development.

Lean Forward & Back: Social Video Can Have It All

Can great technology and elegant UX solve the problem of how to fully engage audiences with online video while still providing a “lean back” viewing experience? Or are these two modes of experiencing media forever incompatible? Come find out as we look at the case study of OVEE, the Online Video Engagement Experience, a one-of-its-kind social screening platform created by the Independent Television Service in partnership with software development agency, Carbon Five. OVEE was created to meet the challenges of presenting high quality film and television content, and building a unique real-time engagement experience around it for teachers, public television viewers, community organizers and dedicated fans. Meet the lead developer and lead strategist who have committed to this search for the holy grail of online video experiences.

Thanks again for your help, and we hope to see some of you at SxSW!