Join Us at Web 2.0 Expo

Alon Salant ·

Maria Giudice from Hot Studio and I are following up our Core Conversation at SXSW last month on agile development and human-centered design with a panel Thursday at 11am at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco titled Can’t We Just All Get Along? Human-centered Design Meets Agile Development.

Our panel includes Arena Reed, Lead User Experience Designer at Grockit, Rob Spiro, co-founder of Aardvark and Dave Shih, Senior Visual Designer at Hot Studio.

At SXSW Maria and I realized how easy it is to talk about the challenges of coordinating design and development efforts since almost everyone involved in software development has experienced some pain around it. I’m excited about our panel for Web 2.0 Expo because I think we are going to better organize the discussion around identifying best practices. I am particularly inspired by the work of the Aardvark team who are intensely user-focused and test like crazy to validate their ideas and implementations while maintaining an agile software development process with frequent incremental releases.

You can follow our panel on Twitter with hashtag #agileux20 even if you are not at the conference. We welcome comments, questions and suggestions before, during and after.