markaby_scaffold Rails Plugin

Alon Salant ·

We’ve been enjoying using Markaby on our recent rails projects. When bootstrapping with scaffolding there’s a common recipe of turning ERB views into Markaby and then refactoring views with Markaby helper functions.

One project wrote a rake task that converts ERB views to Markaby. Then Ingar created a plugin that re-implements the base Rails scaffolding to create Markaby views that output the same HTML as the base Rails scaffolding. I took his work one standard refactor further to introduce a MarkabyHelper with helper functions for the layout of form inputs and model views.


./script/plugin install

Use it as you would regular Rails scaffolding:

./script/generate markaby_scaffold Post title:string body:text published:boolean


markaby_scaffold requires that you install Markaby as a Rails plugin.


Unfortunately, Markaby does not appear to be getting the love that it deserves. There is an issue using Markaby with Rails 2.0.2 for which Randy has submitted a patch. This plugin includes a monkey patch for Markaby and Rails 2.0.2 that provides this fix so you don’t have to apply it yourself.

Additionally, the generated MarkabyHelper includes support for using Markaby in your helpers, provides a quick start for refactoring the scaffolding layouts and includes test cases to get you started testing your Markaby helpers.