Vote for Carbon Five’s SXSW 2011 Interactive Sessions

Rudy Jahchan ·

Next year will be the third time Carbon Five visits Austin for SXSW Interactive. We’ve proposed some hands-on, take-away focused sessions that we ourselves would enjoy and think you would too.

For example Embracing NoSQL – Your First Cassandra Project is an extension of the talk Mike gave at the Los Angeles NoSQL meetup a couple of months ago. The ultimate goal of the session is to NOT just “digg” (pardon the pun) into why many real-time social sites have started using Cassandra and other non-traditional storage systems, but to have you walking out with code to bootstrap your own projects with.

Similarly, in Get Your Act Together: Build Better iPhone Apps, Jonah plans on demonstrating the agile iOS development patterns he’s been documenting here on our blog. You’ll learn how you can continue to rapidly deliver (and have Apple approve) builds of your app while meeting the higher quality expectations of the maturing app marketspace.

Finally, Alon is bringing to Austin the quite literally interactive session of Play at Work: Agile Games for Productive Teams, which he presented earlier this year in San Francisco. By having you actually play through games we use every day such as “Planning Poker”, you’ll get a much better sense of how they can be incorporated into your own agile development efforts than any simple presentation could provide.

Of course, we don’t just want to talk about our experiences, but want to hear about yours too, either at the sessions or over a drink later that day! So if you’re interested, please click the links above and vote for our panels, as your voice is an important factor in SXSW’s panel selection process.

And if you see any of us at Austin next year or sooner, don’t hesitate to say “Hi”; we’ll take you up on those drinks!

Rudy Jahchan
Rudy Jahchan

Rudy’s fascination with computer programming began at age 10 when he mistakenly picked up the Micro-Adventure book Space Attack; he thought it was going to be about Star Wars. That happy accident led him to graduate from McGill University in Computer Science and start a 12 year career in software development playing with a wide range of technology; everything from web applications to cryptology to NoSQL.