Alon at Web 2.0 in SF May 5 on “Blurring the Lines”

Alon Salant ·

I’m excited about our panel next Wed at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco Blurring the Lines: From Human Centered Design to Customer Driven Development. We’re planning to share real world practices that help multi-disciplinary teams collaborate on creating great products.

We’ve got a good range of perspective and experience to draw from. Maria Giudice from Hot Studio is our user-centered designer, Rob Spiro from Aardvark is our user-centered product entrepreneur, Darren David from Stimulant is our multi-touch and NUI innovator, and I am our Agile software developer.

This event seems to have really caught on to the growing energy in the entrepreneurial community around strategies and techniques for creating products that people really want. Eric Ries is giving the keynote on Tuesday just one year after his first big conference presentation at Web 2.0 2009 and Steve Blank is giving the keynote Thursday. Both of these guys and the growing community around them have been inspiration to me and our work at Carbon Five over the last year for the answers they provide about how software development serves the goal of creating successful businesses and products.