April 21st 2016 Talk Night at Carbon Five LA – Sketching for UX

Rudy Jahchan ·


Great communication is at the heart of a great team with the free and clear exchange of ideas flowing between design, development, and product. However, we’ve all had moments where the team gets “blocked” on a design; some members struggling putting their thoughts into words, others feel they have to provide high quality comps, while others remain silent feeling they don’t have the skill or place to contribute.

The truth is we’re all overthinking it! As kids, all of us without hesitation grabbed pen and paper to draw and share our ideas no matter how wild they are. And whether you’re a designer, developer, or manager, that remains true today – ANYONE can sketch. Sometimes going lo-fi with simple sketches can lead to higher fidelity communication!

So, on April 21st, join us at Talk Night in Santa Monica where our own Yasmine leads a hands-on workshop on how to use basic sketching principles to help communicate with customers, clients and your team.

This workshop will teach you the basics of UX sketching through activities like personas, six-up sketches and user flows. This is a beginner workshop and is suitable for anyone interested in UX!

We’ll be providing pens, pencils, and paper, as well as the usual dinner and drinks, with doors opening at 6pm and the workshop beginning at 7pm. Sign up on the Meetup, and if you’re in Santa Monica tonight come by our regular Hack Night!.

Rudy Jahchan
Rudy Jahchan

Rudy’s fascination with computer programming began at age 10 when he mistakenly picked up the Micro-Adventure book Space Attack; he thought it was going to be about Star Wars. That happy accident led him to graduate from McGill University in Computer Science and start a 12 year career in software development playing with a wide range of technology; everything from web applications to cryptology to NoSQL.