Notes from Rit Li

Running Multiple Versions of Postgres with Docker Compose for Local Development

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Say we have Project X and Project Y that require Postgres 9 and Postgres 10 respectively. These projects aren’t using Docker to manage their Postgres dependency so it is up to each developer to manage this themselves. How do we get different versions of Postgres running simultaneously on our workstation without making any modifications to these projects? One easy way is to use Docker Compose.

Why not Homebrew? With Homebrew, installing multiple versions of Postgres is easy, but running them simultaneously is cumbersome. With Docker Compose, both installing and running are easy. Note that we’re not “dockerizing” the applications themselves; instead, we’re using Docker Compose as an alternative to Homebrew to fetch and run Postgres. Continue reading …

Virtual phones to ease the development of telephony applications

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Unless you have access to three phones at all time, develop telephony-enabled web app is painful. Consider this scenario:

Alice calls Bruce. Bruce answers. Bruce then is transferred to Carl.

To test/implement this feature, you will need three physical phones!!!

Enter Phonio

Phonio provides virtually unlimited number of softphones running in the browser; accepting phone calls is now at your mouse click.

Phonio is open source.

Here is phonio in action: