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Jeremy Yun ·

Carbon Five has been working with The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy on, a free support network for birth control. Bedsider is nominated for a Webby People’s Voice Award in the Health Website category. You can help us win the category. Cast your vote now!

Still in beta, Bedsider will be launching in force later this year. The original idea and design concepts came from IDEO. We have enjoyed collaborating with The National Campaign, Smarty Pants Communications and IDEO on this project.

Bedsider is more than a simple informational website. It strives to provide the most comprehensive and accurate database of health centers (and other birth control providers) online. We pull from multiple data sources and allow visitors to search for providers, get reviews of heath centers, give feedback to improve our data, and more.

The website also provides detailed information on every method of birth control available in the US. There are a variety of ways to explore this information, and we provide side by side comparisons to help women make informed decisions. Our Real Stories videos present women’s first hand experience with all forms of birth control. Fact or Fiction videos address and often debunk popular myths related to sex and pregnancy.

Beyond the informational aspects, Bedsider allows women to sign up for reminders to help them use their birth control effectively. These reminders can be SMS messages or email. Women can also interact with Bedsider through a simple text message interface. This interface, as well as a voice-based phone interface, allows women to get much of the same information and functionality they can access on the website. Bedsider partners with other sex-positive organizations to address individual needs and questions.

We think we are providing a much needed service in a fun and positive format. We hope you share our enthusiasm and will vote for us to win the Webby Award.