Bootcamp Bootleg Book Club

David Hendee ·

One of the rituals we have at Carbon Five is a weekly brown bag book club. We typically discuss technical books or have guest speakers come and chat.

Recently we’ve introduced design-related topics to the mix and last week we read and discussed the Bootcamp Bootleg. It’s a deep dive into design modes (high-level process areas) and methods (activities anyone can do) for collaborative design compiled by the folks at the Stanford of Design. The Bootcamp Bootleg made for a lively lunch and got us jazzed to get out of the office and try some of the methods.

Because the document is quite dense but doesn’t have a table of contents, we put together a diagram of the various modes and methods to facilitate our discussion:

The Bootcamp Bootleg Overview

Design Thinking Modes & Methods

David Hendee
David Hendee

David is the Director of Design at Carbon Five. He joined the company in 2004. Before that he was a freelance illustrator and a co-founder of the web development firm Fire Engine Red. David lives in Alameda with his wife Jenny, their dog Daisy, and a tiny dinosaur named Dorothy.