Carbon Five Wins Amplitude Emerging Product Leaders Award

Janet Brunckhorst ·

We were honored to receive the award for Outstanding Product Agency in Amplitude’s Emerging Product Leaders Awards.

This award is for the agency that provides clients the best product development, growth, or strategy support. At Carbon Five, product managers help clients to transform their vision into reality. We also build high-performing teams, mentoring client PMs and leaders so that they can continue to build amazing things once we roll off the project.

We love sharing our clients’ success stories and are proud that some of those stories resonated with the award committee. One story we shared was about an established company who was seeking support for its innovation team. Carbon Five helped them create a product that used population health data to create efficient workflows to ensure that at-risk patients were getting the correct care at the right time. As part of our engagement we created a framework for metrics-driven product development based on the build-measure-learn cycle of Lean Startup. This was a new approach to product development, and it worked well for the client team.

Another client came to us with an idea that we were able to help them validate (well, in this case invalidate), saving them from building a product that would have failed. We have great tools for supporting our clients with customer acquisition, optimization, and prioritization.

We were also recognized for the Product Dartboard, an assessment tool for product teams. You can request access to our beta, and contact us if you want to chat about how to plan improvements to your team.

It was an honor to be recognized, and we really enjoyed the conference. Amplify was a great opportunity for our team to hear from some of the leaders in our industry about how they are approaching product questions. It was exciting to get a sneak peek into some of Amplitude’s new features. We hope we get a chance to use them with our clients soon!

Congratulations to all the winners: Social Chorus, ABinBev, Twitch, and Segment.