Photo of Isai Lopez Rodas in a grey tshirt that reads "#FirstGen College Grad UC Santa Cruz" with name and Software Engineer title listed on right of photo

Carbon Five Roll Call: Isai Lopez Rodas, Software Engineer

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Carbon Five Roll Call is a blog series introducing you to our team of product managers, designers, and software engineers at Carbon Five. Meet the team and learn how we can help support your next project. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Isai!

Name: Isai Lopez Rodas

Title: Software Engineer

Hometown: Petaluma, CA

Carbon Five Office: San Francisco, CA

Emoji of choice: 🤪

Tell us a little bit about your background and area of expertise: 

I am a recent college graduate (UC Santa Cruz ‘21, Go Banana Slugs! ) and the first in my family to do so. I come from proud Guatemalan parents who have helped and supported me throughout my academic and professional journey. 

Professionally, I have worked across the entire stack and consider myself to be a full-stack engineer. Before working at Carbon Five, I was a developer and engineering director for UCSC’s on-campus hackathon where I helped develop various backend APIs along with our organization’s website! Being able to work and develop for CruzHacks was what really solidified my passion for software engineering.

Isai Lopez Rodas kneeling with white curly hair dog, Teddy

Isai with family dog, Teddy.


A few clients you’ve worked with include: 

So far I have worked on a three client projects: Chime, Valimail, and Sendoso.

What’s the coolest thing about Carbon Five? 

Something I really like about working here is how we emphasize learning and collaboration across all disciplines. As a software engineer, I can be as involved in processes like design or ticket/story writing as much as I’d like. We are also encouraged to take time off for extracurricular learning of our choice, which is something I find super helpful especially early on in my career to get exposure to a variety of technologies.    

What advice would you give your younger self with regard to your career in tech?

I feel like one thing I regret not doing more of in college is attending conferences. A lot of companies host conferences to give college students exposure to the industry and it’s a great place to network and get to know a lot of other students who are in a similar position. Having a network and knowing how to network comes in handy!  

Share one MUST DO recommendation: 

If you haven’t done so already, a Yosemite trip is a definite must (or if you’re a Yosemite veteran, a trip is still a must). Something I’ve always had a great appreciation for is nature and just how vast it is. Yosemite is a perfect representation of how amazing, wonderful, and beautiful nature is. My family and I have made it a tradition to go every single year. We explore and find something new each time. So yes, definitely book a trip next time you’ve got a chance! 


Carbon Five Software Engineer - Isai Lopez in blue tshirt hiking with mother, father, sister, and family dog in Yosemite

Isai hiking with family in Yosemite. This was Teddy’s first trip there!


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