Come Geek Out with us (again)!

Christian Nelson ·

The last Geek Out was both fun and informative. It’s time to do it again!

So, next Thursday — 11/11 — we’re opening the doors to the San Francisco office and hosting another casual gathering. Want to see what other developers are working on or who’s using the latest and greatest gem/practice/database/etc? Do you have a side project or open source framework that you’re contributing to (or just using) that you want to show off, lightning-talk style? Want to network with other rubyists?

Current lightning talk topics (more to come!):

  • Puppet in Ruby projects – Richard [slides]
  • Memcached and Dali – Mike
  • Testing iOS apps with Frank – Pete [slides]
  • Testing iOS apps with Cedar – Adam
  • Event Mapper: adventures with Rails3, geokit-rails and jquery-mobile – Jon [slides]

We’ll have a room with a projector dedicated to lightning talks and the rest of the space will be free for socializing and networking. We’ll supply beer and food. Doors open at 5:30, talks start at 6:30, and we’ll stick around until 7:30. If people are still hanging out we’ll migrate elsewhere for more drinks. Carbon Five is located at 171 2nd Street Floor 4 (map), above the Tempura House.

Please RSVP on the meetup event page. If you want to give a lightning talk, email me (christian at carbonfive dot com) with your idea.

Christian Nelson
Christian Nelson

Christian is a software developer, technical lead and agile coach. He's passionate about helping teams find creative ways to make work fun and productive. He's a partner at Carbon Five and serves as the Director of Engineering in the San Francisco office. When not slinging code or playing agile games, you can find him trekking in the Sierras and playing with his daughters.