Join Us for CarboNite: A Half-Day Hack-athon

Rudy Jahchan ·

Every two weeks at Carbon Five we have a half-day Project Time where we get to work on projects of our own choosing, with colleagues from different teams. The goal is to create new libraries, learn new technologies, generate subjects to discuss in our weekly brown-bag, and of course keep Carbon Five being the fun place it is. Project Time then leads into a bi-weekly Hack Night at both our office locations where we invite you, our friends, to come in with your own projects.

This week’s Project Time is going to be different, as we open up our doors to you for CarboNite! Starting at 12:30pm (though you can drop by anytime), in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, we will pitch, create, and present a project in a seven-hour window. Prizes for Nerdiest, Most Fun, and Most Creative will then be voted on by the group. No coding required – designers and other types are welcome as there is no shame in a presentation based prototype. And we definitely want you outside partners to join in; in fact, bonus points will be awarded for mixed-office teams!

So please share the details with your friends and join the fun.

Rudy Jahchan
Rudy Jahchan

Rudy’s fascination with computer programming began at age 10 when he mistakenly picked up the Micro-Adventure book Space Attack; he thought it was going to be about Star Wars. That happy accident led him to graduate from McGill University in Computer Science and start a 12 year career in software development playing with a wide range of technology; everything from web applications to cryptology to NoSQL.