Lightning talks at Carbon Five, 9/28/2011

Jonah Williams ·

Carbon Five had a set of lightning talks over lunch recently. Giving our designers and developers a chance to share recent experiences and side projects.

A debate over the relative performance of different languages at our last hack night called for a measurable comparison. Mike demonstrated the resulting head to head to head speed test serving “Hello World” from Ruby, Node.js, and Go.

Dave gave us a summary of Agile UX presentations from the Balanced Team Conference

Jonah has been working on a tool to parse and manipulate Xcode project files. Using a parsing expression grammar defined in treetop to parse the file and generate a tree of ruby objects which could be manipulated to resolve merges, organize resources, or manage dependencies.

Our resident node.js expert Ben explained how he has been using jasmine and zombie to practice BDD while working with node.

Rudy has been working on iOS apps and gave us a demonstration of how to use objective-c metaprogramming to monkey-patch new behaviors and state onto existing framework classes.

We will be playing with these and other ideas at our next Hack Night on Wednesday October 5th if you would like to see more.