Scoot & Doodle Featured in the App Store.

Courtney Hemphill ·

Chris Egy Rose and Patty Chang came to Carbon Five in spring of 2012 with an exciting new concept around facilitating human interaction and connected learning. The idea was to allow young people to connect with their friends, classmates and families through face-to-face interactions and a shared canvas. The interactive canvas overlay allows participants to use simple tools to create and draw with one another. The initial ten-week engagement happily turned into a rewarding long term partnership that shepherded the product and team through many iterations over many months, resulting in an outstanding, feature rich set of products.

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Scoot & Doodle’s Scoodle Jam is featured in the Education section of the app store.

Carbon Five and Scoot & Doodle worked together to develop the initial Scoot & Doodle application on top of the Google Hangout API. The application was set up to track and gather detailed analytics on the use of features, allowing us to use a product development process geared toward quick and easy course corrections. Throughout the development of the application, Carbon Five participated and facilitated many of the product ideation and design sessions. Having the developers and the designers in close collaboration with the product team allowed for fast development cycles and immediate user feedback. The product quickly gained strong user engagement, with first-time users spending an average of 25 minutes per session, and returning users spending 32 minutes+ per session.

The Scoot & Doodle project room at Carbon Five

The second phase of the engagement concentrated on optimizing the application for use on multiple devices and on an iPad-specific release. It was a fun project for our developers to work on too, as voiced by Alex Cruikshank: “Scoodle Jam really stretched our understanding of iOS capabilities. It has live video, advanced gestures, socket communication, photo access, on and on. We learned a lot while working to make the app fun and easy to use.” There have been lots of learnings throughout the process, as the product grows from one that supports playful creative jam sessions to one that serves as a powerful communication and learning channel.

Today the app is featured in the app store! Go download Scoodle Jam, check it out and let us know what you think!

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