Story Mapper is Release Planning for Pivotal Tracker

Alon Salant ·

We’re proud to announce the release of Story Mapper, a project we have been working on at Carbon Five to support an Agile project planning technique called story mapping.

We use Pivotal Tracker to manage our feature backlog and the day-to-day activities of tracking a feature from estimation through delivery and acceptance. However, we find it easy to lose the big picture in the detail-oriented view Tracker provides.

Story Mapper uses your project data from Tracker to provide a higher level view geared toward release and milestone planning. This view is based on Jeff Patton’s story mapping techniques and provides the ability to see how the different components of your project will evolve across successive milestone.

Story Mapper Screenshot

All you need in order to use Story Mapper is a Tracker project with a backlog of stories and a subset of labels that represent user activities or components of your system. If you have a large project and have not been using labels in this way, you may have some work to do in Story Mapper before you have a story map that makes sense.

Try it out, let us know what you think, and tell us how to make it better. Comment here so others can see your thoughts or by contacting us directly.