Announcing Our New Design Blog

Alon Salant ·

I’m psyched to announce our new blog, journal. We’ve created this blog to chronicle our adventures introducing design thinking practices to our Agile software development team.

The About page explains what we’re up to: journal chronicles our efforts to introduce product design practices to our team and clients. Our vision is of a holistic integration of design and software development with all team members collaborating across disciplines.

With our roots in Agile software development we are intensely delivery-oriented and we love practices that facilitate collaboration, iteration and learning. Our product design influences include the design thinking practices of the Stanford and the customer-focused practices of the Lean Startup community.

We are on a wonderful journey that promises many interesting twists and turns. We aspire to approaching this adventure with beginner’s mind and will share our experiences and learning with you here. We hope you enjoy the ride!

If you are using these practices and have stories to share we’d love to hear from you, especially if you are also delivering software with an Agile process.