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Junior Jump Extended: Acts I – IV

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For the past few Sundays a group of me and other C5’ers came into the office to work on BridgeTroll with a few junior developers. We hoped that BridgeTroll would get a few highly requested features, but mostly we really hoped the junior developers would get practice and pick up some good practices about TDD, agile, and coding in general.


This was actually our second iteration of teaching pairing (and teaching through pairing). The first time was on a weeknight and between setup and getting everyone on the same page, not much learning was had. This incarnation of the program addressed the setup issue and having continuity over the course of several weeks seemed to work well. To be fair, there was a lot of story preparation time we sunk in before the start of the program so that most of the time could be spent on developing so that helped. It also really helped that BridgeTroll has an excellent setup script, which made starting a ton smoother.

Why would anyone put on a free program to teach industry skills? There must be something they expect in return.

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I/O 2015 Thoughts

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This year Google I/O was reported to have 23% women in attendance (which was up from 20% in 2014 and 8% in 2013). It was my second year attending Google I/O, and both times were through the Women Techmakers (WT) program, which is behind the incredible boost in numbers.




It’s pretty rare to have such a big gathering of women tech-y people, and even less common for the gathering to be from all over the world (perhaps Grace Hopper would be similar, but I have yet to attend GHC). Continue reading …

Introducing Junior Jump Extended

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Hello, new developers!

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* What: an agile team experience for new developers
* When: 4 Sundays, July 19 – Aug 9, 10am-3pm
* Where: Carbon Five SF office
* Working on: an open-source project with C5 developers and designers
* Using: Ruby on Rails
* Learning: iterative planning, test-driven development, pairing
* Application: Click Here!


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