Twitter transcript for our #agileux20 panel at Web 2.0 Expo

Alon Salant ·

I grabbed Twitter search results for our #agileux20 hashtag so we don’t lose them later. Thanks everyone for your interest, comments and questions. Unlike Twitter search, these tweets are listed oldest to most recent so you can read them as a transcript of our panel.

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joshdamon at Apr 02 10:59 AM
if you want to tweet questions to the design vs dev agile panel at #w2e, use tag #agileux20 and i’ll as many as i can to the panel.
chris23 at Apr 02 11:04 AM
How are you defining "design"? Is physical co-location a requirement for success in agile desi? Is upfront design required? #agileux20
razasaeed at Apr 02 11:04 AM
#agileux20 really interested in learning about user behavior testing …. how to figure out the impact of new design on existing community
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:04 AM
Shout out to Maria Giudice from Hot Studio, now at the helm in Room 2005 on human-centered design #w2e #agileux20
ericgrandeo at Apr 02 11:05 AM
Attending the human centered design meets agile development session #w2e #agileux20
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:07 AM – Human-centered design meets agile development #w2e #agileux20
AllanWolinski at Apr 02 11:09 AM
Tag #agileux20 for: Can’t we just all get along? Human-centered design meets agile development
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:09 AM – Maria AKA Wonderwoman moderates #agileux20 #w20
AllanWolinski at Apr 02 11:09 AM
#agileux20 Panel: @arenareed, Dave Shih, @asalant, @robsp, @mgiudice #web2expo
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:11 AM – Maria with her whip at the ready #agileux20 #w2e
_ilo at Apr 02 11:13 AM
RT @moyalynne: – Maria with her whip at the ready #agileux20 #w2e
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:14 AM – Agile Manifesto – Agile Values #w2e #agileux20
coffeemommy at Apr 02 11:15 AM
Work Utopia: Human centered design meets agile development; xp (extreme programming) #agileux20; seems logical. Let’s DO it!
joshdamon at Apr 02 11:15 AM
@razasaeed #agileux20 did @robsp‘s overview of aardvark’s research approach answer your question?
justinjscanlon at Apr 02 11:16 AM
#agileux20 do you expose functional prototypes to users, mockups, alphas? What tools are use?, irise, others? How often do you engage users?
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:17 AM
On Agile and Ux together — but "How realistic is it that user research actually happens early on?" – @mgiudice #agileux20 #w2e
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:20 AM
Clients might already have research they need? "I don’t feel like I’ve ever done enough user research" Arena Reed — #agileux20 #w2e
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:21 AM
How much user research to do and when to do it as key question in human-centered design. #agileux20 #w2e
dbcto at Apr 02 11:22 AM
#agileux20 Curiuos about differences btwn web sites and web apps from a agile UX perspective
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:22 AM
One thing that’s clear is that "design and engineering teams need to share knowledge during user research phase"– @mgiudice #agileux20 #w2e
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:23 AM
Here’s a hypocritical question: can user research kill innovation? #agileux20 #w2e
brendanking at Apr 02 11:23 AM
A lot of great ideas wouldn’t exist if they were user validated (like twitter) so do you always follow the user results? #agileux20
_ilo at Apr 02 11:24 AM
It’s a great question #w2e #agileux20 How much design *should* be done up front?
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:24 AM
No upfront design can be painful, and too much upfront design can be painful too — what’s the right amount? — Arena Reed #agileux20 #w2e
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:25 AM
"Anything we’re immediately developing HAS to be fully designed" #agileux20 #w2e
AllanWolinski at Apr 02 11:26 AM
Should the design phase have it’s own sprint including burndown? #agileux20
Mauronic at Apr 02 11:26 AM
How many people out there are using agile practices for visual design? #agileux20 #w2e I work with @thegroop and they rock it.
ceben at Apr 02 11:28 AM
What is an ideal ratio of product managers to developers in an agile process? #agileux20 #w2e
AllanWolinski at Apr 02 11:29 AM
What flexibility should developers have in changing or improving the design in following implementation iteration? #agileux20
coffeemommy at Apr 02 11:32 AM
#agileux20 : You mentioned "getting everyone in one room" suggestions on this process with a global/virtual team?
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:32 AM
Consultancies deal with a different issue, which is the need to document and deliver- the "do just enough" idea is difficult #w2e #agileux20
jedwhite at Apr 02 11:33 AM
You can’t track design the way you track engineering. It stifles creativity. #agileux20 #w2e
michaelbkim at Apr 02 11:39 AM
If you’re a hardcore engineer passionate about social search & looking for a new pre-launch startup opp, ping me. #w2e. #agileux20
AllanWolinski at Apr 02 11:40 AM
@AllanWolinski Designers on the panel use tracker for tasks but do not work within the scrum sprint/iteration #agileux20 #web2expo
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:41 AM
"The goal is working software in users’ hands — everything that gets you there is disposable" – on only "just enough" docs #w2e #agileux20
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:42 AM
What about for "lessons learned" and improving the process? What documentation does Agile preserve for that? #w2e #agileux20
joshdamon at Apr 02 11:44 AM
@moyalynne #w2e #agileux20 sorry, didnt get your last question in. they’re moving pretty fast.
joshdamon at Apr 02 11:46 AM
when they mention "track" the folks on the agile panel are referring to pivotaltracker (used for tracking stories) – #agileux20 #web2expo
moyalynne at Apr 02 11:46 AM
RT @arnoland: User research can never kill innovation, stifle but never kill, for that you need an incompetent designer -;) #agileux20 #w2e
lostonroute66 at Apr 02 11:48 AM
RT @arnoland: User research can never kill innovation, stifle but never kill, for that you need incompetent designer -;) #agileux20 #w2e
joshdamon at Apr 02 11:49 AM
#agileux20 #w2e thanks for the great questions, & aplogogies i didn’t get to more of them. follow up w/ speakers contact info on last slide
asalant at Apr 02 12:28 PM
Thanks everyone for the great comments and questions at #agileux20! #w2e
razasaeed at Apr 02 01:10 PM
@joshdamon They do not have a visual design so not sure .. especially when you need to roll out a new design and measure impact #agileux20