C5 Labs: Vrogger

Bhavna Devani ·


For the last two weeks a few of us here at Carbon Five Santa Monica explored our latest love, Virtual Reality, by creating a game from scratch. We had a hard time limit of two weeks and our team was small. Just Bhavna, Sidney, Nicole, and Rudy working on a full game experience, with levels, sound and design.

This was completely an exercise in prioritization and exploration of a platform that only half the team had any experience with.

So, after just 10 working days, we present a variation of an 80’s classic and favorite: VRogger!

Tired of the hard-knock life of Frog City, you want to head off to the hills. Your only obstacle? The busy, deadly freeway in-between!

Built on A-Frame, Vrogger is playable in browser, with VR support for Cardboard with your Android and iOS browsers and Oculus through WebVR enabled browsers; just click the VR button in lower-right corner. Game-play is easy; tap the action button (lever on the side of a Cardboard or the spacebar on your keyboard) to jump straight up. Tap and hold to jump further. Lean forward, back, side-to-side to control the direction of your jump.

We’ll be writing more about our experience building Vrogger in the weeks to come, from why we went with A-Frame, how we applied our agile practices in its tight development, and other fun lessons learned along the way. In the meantime, check out the codebase.

Tell us what you think and get in touch to learn more about our approach to development.