Finding Meaning in Mentorship at Scale

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Last month, Carbon Five New York participated in Tech: NYC’s Summer Bridge 2020 program in coordination with local nonprofit, El Barrio’s Operation Fightback.

Summer Bridge is the nation’s largest youth employment program, giving some 35,000 disadvantaged NYC teens and young adults paid experience along with an opportunity to build important life skills and get exposure to new disciplines. The program centers around a workplace challenge bringing underprivileged young adults across NYC together to solve real business problems.

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Junior Jump Extended: Acts I – IV

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For the past few Sundays a group of me and other C5’ers came into the office to work on BridgeTroll with a few junior developers. We hoped that BridgeTroll would get a few highly requested features, but mostly we really hoped the junior developers would get practice and pick up some good practices about TDD, agile, and coding in general.


This was actually our second iteration of teaching pairing (and teaching through pairing). The first time was on a weeknight and between setup and getting everyone on the same page, not much learning was had. This incarnation of the program addressed the setup issue and having continuity over the course of several weeks seemed to work well. To be fair, there was a lot of story preparation time we sunk in before the start of the program so that most of the time could be spent on developing so that helped. It also really helped that BridgeTroll has an excellent setup script, which made starting a ton smoother.

Why would anyone put on a free program to teach industry skills? There must be something they expect in return.

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Junior Jump – Speaker Panel

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Here at Carbon Five, we have been making an increased effort to reach out to the growing junior developer community to provide guidance and mentorship. We piloted an event series dubbed Junior Jump, catered towards helping entry level developers prepare for their engineering careers. A few weeks ago, as a part of this event series, we brought in a group of junior developers and had an fishbowl-style open conversation about various topics concerning the current climate of junior developers including: the current difficulties of job searching, what kinds of expectations should be placed on a junior developer, and what the heck is a junior developer anyways. You can find the full video of this event below.

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The Junior Jump – A Retrospective

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One of our goals here at Carbon Five is to play a bigger part in mentoring the growing community of junior developers. Last week, we took a big step toward that goal by hosting our first ‘Junior Jump’ event in our Santa Monica office. The event, a follow up to this blog post, was centered around helping junior developers learn more about working in a professional process, and giving them tools that they would be using on day one of a real product team.


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